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If you haven't attended one of Orville Nation's latchkum events or haven't seen some of their great interviews, you don't know what you have been missing. It's one of the best places to get show ideas and see what the fans think or just pour yourself a glass of "oppsada" & hang out, get to know each other!


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No #TheOrville fan is complete without subscribing to & joining in. Find Orville Nation on YouTube at: and on Twitter: "Orville Nation is a sci-fi fan community primarily focused on The Orville, although we also touch upon other fandoms. This channel is for the fans. Please enjoy, participate and be always respectful of others."  Here are a few samples but be sure to subscribe and click on those notifications, you never know what's next!



...there's so much more! I have to add that PJ holds a special place for me. He is a fantastic communicator and is always welcoming of all fandoms. It was group chats during latchkum and some pretty fabulous interviews that really got me into sci-fi and gave me the ability to meet some pretty extraordinary people. Thank you PJ, you are an outstanding host & a kind friend, I am always ecstatic to see what you do next!


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