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How autobiographical is Ed Mercer?


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I'm sure lots of y'all out there in the MacFarlaneverse have noticed for a long time, as I have, that several of Seth MacFarlane's characters are to some extent autobiographical. I have my own theories/observations about many of these, but I wanted to ask for other people's opinions before I share. How autobiographical do you believe the character of Ed Mercer is for Seth MacFarlane? What evidence do you see of that? Also, which other character's of his do you observe having autobiographical features?

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Yes, there's several similar features in the character of Ed and Seth. I'll discuss those more later in more details soon.


Things I've observed that are semi autobiographical:

Seth is obviously a much a lover of musicals which Ed is too. In fact when Ed is mouthing the words "The King and I" the song "Nothing excepting the fishes" look at the twinkle in his brown eyes and his boyish sweet smile. I myself do that with songs I know by heart and dialogue I memorize.

Seth loves Billy Joel, Ed too.

I noticed Seth rarely is rarely without a shirt, as is Ed.

Seth is obviously a gentleman in responding to his date, Ed is no exception. 

Their humor is similar and the way they are fascinated by other cultures. 

Another character that is semi autobiographical is Brian from Family Guy, in fact Seth himself has admitted this on numerous occasions.

As a creative person myself, I know you hide little gems like that sprinkled into your characters that are bits of you in them. Seth is no exception to this! 

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