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It would seem impossible to have science fiction without time travel and The Orville is no exception.  We’ve seen it in Pria, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and The Road Not Taken.  The gentle reminder not to alter the past is always present, but can the urge be suppressed? 

The Orville certainly has a way of making exceptions!  Think we’ll revisit the Aronov device again? Special Relativity, quantum theory, space-time, wormholes, time dilation, cosmic strings, black holes time travel paradoxes--who says we can’t enjoy a little quantum mechanics?  My vote is that we will see more time travel in Season 3, what do you all think?

time travel

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I hope so. I always wondered about the warning not to alter anything but isn’t the past altered just by a visit from someone in the future (or past). Anyone involved would have their perceptions altered going forward. 

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Absolutely, I can't imagine not having at least one episode with at least some time-related thematic material, and I think it's more likely to have one or two episodes with time as a central part of the main story! 

I laaaaaaahve that stuff. It wasn't a particularly special line, but it's still one of my favorites (although I don't even remember what episode it's in!)... when Kelly is surprised to learn that Ed got a B+ in the related class, and he says something about how NOBODY understands it well enough to get an A because it's NONUNDERSTANDABLE by nature. His retort was so beautifully eye-rolly. 🤣